Keyword research-Foundation of any online business

If you have your online business, keywords are something you have to know about. Think about what you do when you visit Google to search for something. You enter a word or a phrase to search and this word or phrase that you use for online search is called a keyword. Google uses your keywords to find out websites that correspond to them and this is how you get accurate and appropriate search results. Because keywords form the core of online search, millions of dollars are spent by webmasters on keyword analysis. Proper keyword research for a website is important because as an internet marketer, you need to identify the most appropriate keywords to get a high PageRank score for your website in Google SERPs.

High competition for keywords

There are certain keywords that are used by online users billions of times in a month. Needless to say, every internet marketer would love to use these keywords for their websites. More the number of online searches for a particular keyword in a month higher is the value of its search volume. However, when a particular keyword has a high search volume, the competition for that keyword is that intense.

So, when you are in the process of designing your website, it is important to find some niche high volume keywords. Niche high volume keywords are sometimes not the highest converting ones and this is why you can make the most out of them. Your website content and any article that you write around your website should have these niche keywords evenly spread throughout. This is essential for top positions in Google SERPs.

Understanding keyword types

Before you start selecting the keywords for your website, it is important that you understand the different types of keywords search volumes. It is important for you to find out search volume for your keywords because the data can be used for optimizing keywords for your website.

Broad Match

When Google searches its indexed websites or pages using keywords, it uses broad match most often. So, if you use a phrase as a keyword, all the words in the phrase are searched for independently. Any website or page that has words corresponding to each word in your keyword gets displayed in search results.

A simple example should illustrate this perfectly. If you type “designer flowers” in Google, Google will look for websites or pages that have the keywords “designer flowers”, “designer” and “flowers”. As you can see, websites or pages that have keywords corresponding to each word and the entire phrase get added to the Google SERPs.

So, when you want to find out the broad match keyword search volume for your website keywords, this is the kind of analysis that you need to do. Google will tell you how your keywords are ranking overall. But this data will not tell you about the target audience that your website is attracting.

Phrase Match

Phrase match is an improvement on broad match because Google uses an entire phrase as a single keyword. This type of keyword match is more accurate than broad match because the search results are more appropriate.

Let us look at the keyword example we used earlier. When you search using “designer flowers” in Google, Google looks at the phrase for returning search results. It also aggregates all the other keywords that contain this phrase. So, the keywords that Google will also search for will include, among other keywords, “designer rose flowers” or “affordable designer flowers” or “designer flowers online” and others. As you can clearly see, in all these keywords, the original phrase “designer flowers” is always there. It doesn’t matter where the other words are placed – preceding or succeeding the phrase or even in the middle of the phrase.

With phrase match keyword search volume analysis, you can get more accurate data.

 Exact Match

If you are interested to know about your target audience data, nothing beats the exact match keyword search volume analysis. Exact match analysis shows you the audience that searched using your exact phrase.

So, if your website has a keyword “designer flowers Boston”, you will get to see the data of users that used this exact phrase. If someone uses “Boston designer flowers”, exact match will not show that data. If someone uses “designer flowers in Boston”, that data will also get excluded from exact match. For someone looking to do an accurate analysis of the performance of their website keywords, this is the kind of analysis they require.

If someone misspells or uses plural/singular or abbreviations or acronyms, the exact match analysis will show that data. These are slight variations that are taken into account. However, exact match analysis will not deviate much from the original keyword phrase.

As you can clearly see, keyword analysis is one of the most critical elements for website rank improvement. Website rank improvement doesn’t happen just like that; you need to think through and employ the right strategies.To increase website traffic you should know everything related to keyword.And the place where all your planning and strategizing should start is with keyword research. The analysis and research will show you the right path to follow.


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