6 Top reasons to make your own website for successful online business

The success of your online business requires extensive awareness and planning and it all starts when you make your own website. You require a website because of the following reasons.

Professional look

Your website shows how serious you are about your business. When your clients and customers visit your website they are able to see what you mean to offer them. Your website shows off your professional attitude and automatically builds the brand for your business.

One of the primary reasons to have your own website is to build your brand in the eyes of your clients and customers. The kind of exposure you get with your website is simply outstanding. With the popularity of your website more and more people start associating with your business brand. And this can only bring in goodwill for your business.

Global reach

The reason I started my website is because I wanted a channel to represent my ideas and thoughts. But I got more from my website.

As an online marketer I always wanted to expand my reach and hence my website. With my website I can reach people far away in China and Korea, something I couldn’t have done had I decided not to go digital.

Yes, with the increased global reach of my website I’ve had to work hard on the other aspects of my business, logistics for example, but every ounce of effort that I put in has been worth the result. Now I can promote products worldwide and also engage with people using relevant content and reviews. I’ve been able to deliver value to my visitors and this is what makes me most happy about my website.

Money making on a long term basis

The amount of money that a successful website can make for its owner cannot be bettered by anything else.

As an entrepreneur I always wanted to make money and there is no shame in telling you this. You and I are entrepreneurs because we can afford to take risks to make money.

The only difference in my money making way is that I haven’t rushed into this activity. For me money making should be a gradual and long term process. My website offers me the perfect platform to make money continuously and in the long term. I can connect with people through my website to convert them into my loyal followers.

Better opportunities for promotion

You need to make your own website for promoting your business. There are many free domains available but I haven’t ever been tempted to use their services. With free domains you can never be in control of your website and promoting your business will never be as effective. You cannot use search engines and web directories to promote your online business because of the various restrictions in place.

It always pays to design your website because you are in full control. Most importantly you can choose your domain name and this can instantly build your brand for you.

You can also promote your website using SEO or social media or forum marketing and give your online business the kind of exposure it requires. Believe me, once your website starts climbing the SERP list there is not much else you would need to do for promotion.

Easy to build

Building your website is very easy. You don’t need to spend to hire a web design expert.

When I set about designing my own website I only used three resources – my ideas, WordPress and HostGator (affil link). I started off my installing WordPress on my laptop. The installation was done in four-five easy steps. Then I put my ideas on pen and paper and transferred them to my WordPress site. I finished off by getting my website hosted on HostGator. Easy, isn’t it?

Data says it works

There are loads of successful entrepreneurs that run their entire business through their websites. Two examples that immediately come to mind are problogger.net and johnchow.com. Both these entrepreneurs earn in six figures and I consider them as my source of inspiration.

Yes, I had to invest some money in getting started with my website. I also had to spend money to promote it. But once my online business reach expanded I got back all my investment and more.

So, get going and make your own website. Don’t think you cannot design your website because you don’t have the skill-set for this job. With WordPress and a hosting service your website can be up and running in no time. And then you start reaping the benefits.

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