Keyword research-Foundation of any online business

If you have your online business, keywords are something you have to know about. Think about what you do when you visit Google to search for something. You enter a word or a phrase to search and this word or phrase that you use for online search is called a keyword. Google uses your keywords to find out websites that correspond to them and this is how you get accurate and appropriate search results. Because keywords form the core of online search, millions of dollars are spent by webmasters on keyword analysis. Proper keyword research for a website is important because as an internet marketer, you need to identify the most appropriate keywords to get a high PageRank score for your website in Google SERPs.

High competition for keywords

There are certain keywords that are used by online users billions of times in a month. Needless to say, every internet marketer would love to use these keywords for their websites. More the number of online searches for a particular keyword in a month higher is the value of its search volume. However, when a particular keyword has a high search volume, the competition for that keyword is that intense.

So, when you are in the process of designing your website, it is important to find some niche high volume keywords. Niche high volume keywords are sometimes not the highest converting ones and this is why you can make the most out of them. Your website content and any article that you write around your website should have these niche keywords evenly spread throughout. This is essential for top positions in Google SERPs.

Understanding keyword types

Before you start selecting the keywords for your website, it is important that you understand the different types of keywords search volumes. It is important for you to find out search volume for your keywords because the data can be used for optimizing keywords for your website.

Broad Match

When Google searches its indexed websites or pages using keywords, it uses broad match most often. So, if you use a phrase as a keyword, all the words in the phrase are searched for independently. Any website or page that has words corresponding to each word in your keyword gets displayed in search results.

A simple example should illustrate this perfectly. If you type “designer flowers” in Google, Google will look for websites or pages that have the keywords “designer flowers”, “designer” and “flowers”. As you can see, websites or pages that have keywords corresponding to each word and the entire phrase get added to the Google SERPs.

So, when you want to find out the broad match keyword search volume for your website keywords, this is the kind of analysis that you need to do. Google will tell you how your keywords are ranking overall. But this data will not tell you about the target audience that your website is attracting.

Phrase Match

Phrase match is an improvement on broad match because Google uses an entire phrase as a single keyword. This type of keyword match is more accurate than broad match because the search results are more appropriate.

Let us look at the keyword example we used earlier. When you search using “designer flowers” in Google, Google looks at the phrase for returning search results. It also aggregates all the other keywords that contain this phrase. So, the keywords that Google will also search for will include, among other keywords, “designer rose flowers” or “affordable designer flowers” or “designer flowers online” and others. As you can clearly see, in all these keywords, the original phrase “designer flowers” is always there. It doesn’t matter where the other words are placed – preceding or succeeding the phrase or even in the middle of the phrase.

With phrase match keyword search volume analysis, you can get more accurate data.

 Exact Match

If you are interested to know about your target audience data, nothing beats the exact match keyword search volume analysis. Exact match analysis shows you the audience that searched using your exact phrase.

So, if your website has a keyword “designer flowers Boston”, you will get to see the data of users that used this exact phrase. If someone uses “Boston designer flowers”, exact match will not show that data. If someone uses “designer flowers in Boston”, that data will also get excluded from exact match. For someone looking to do an accurate analysis of the performance of their website keywords, this is the kind of analysis they require.

If someone misspells or uses plural/singular or abbreviations or acronyms, the exact match analysis will show that data. These are slight variations that are taken into account. However, exact match analysis will not deviate much from the original keyword phrase.

As you can clearly see, keyword analysis is one of the most critical elements for website rank improvement. Website rank improvement doesn’t happen just like that; you need to think through and employ the right strategies.To increase website traffic you should know everything related to keyword.And the place where all your planning and strategizing should start is with keyword research. The analysis and research will show you the right path to follow.


7 Best ways to drive blog traffic using online forum

An online forum is a place where like minded people come together to discuss various topics. For anyone looking to gain information about a specific niche, there is scarcely a better place than a related forum on the web. Being the owner of a website, I am a member of various online forums. My objective is to use the forum to drive targeted traffic to my website. To optimize this technique, I use the following ways.

Using large forums

To get the best out of online forums, you need to research the internet and find out large sized forums. It is best to join at least 10 to 15 forums with at least 50,000 members in each of them.

When you join these forums with a large number of members, there are more conversations to look at. More importantly, when you contribute to these forums, there are a huge number of people that see your post. This wide exposure boils down to more marketing for your website and more website traffic.

Being Original

Using fictitious names and photographs is the best way to lose the trust of the forum members. Please bear this in mind – people will only come to your website when they have trust in you. And building your trust in a forum is not exactly rocket science.

When you create your profile, ensure that you use your original name as the user name and upload your original photograph. Using your name in your signature also builds trust. More forum members are bound to click your signature link because they can trust you.

Solving Issues

The worst use of a forum post is in the form of a sales pitch. The trust factor goes for a toss the moment the forum members feel that your intention is only to sell. If you, on the other hand, focus on solving issues, you can garner great trust and great results.

Many online users start forums or new threads in forums to get solutions to some or the other issue. If you know the answer, it is best to give them the right information. They will thank you, trust you and increase your website traffic.

Being Patient

Like SEO, forum marketing also requires a lot of patience. If your first activity in a forum is to submit your signature link, the forum owner will immediately become suspicious. As mentioned earlier, people don’t join forums to get flooded with sales pitches and you should keep this in mind all the time.

After you join a new forum, you should start mingling with the crowds. Start contributing in the form of posts and let people know you. Post 8 or 10 times and then submit your signature link. This will create a good impression on the forum owner.


Before you join and start posting in a forum, you should find out about the forum rules. However, there are some universal rules that apply to any forum.

–     Don’t just write “good post” or “thank you” when you reply to threads.

–     Make helpful suggestions or corrections on information the thread owner may have missed out on.

–     Create value with your new thread and keep it relevant as per the topic of the forum.

The more value you create through your posts and replies, more popular you are going to be among the forum members.

Using Affiliate Links

It is very tempting to put affiliate links in forum signatures. But this is not allowed in most of the online forums that exist on the internet. But then, your objective is to drive traffic to your website through the forum. What is the solution that you can look at?

Simple – if you need to put a link in your signature, use a link to your website. As you create trust among the forum members, more of them will follow the link to your website. And you can convert them into customers.

Following posting rules

There are certain rules of forum posts and these rules may vary from one forum to another. Before you join a forum and start posting, it is critical that you are aware of the relevant rules and regulations related to posting.

For example, a forum may have a rule that you can only use a signature link after you have submitted a specific number of posts. Another forum may have rules related to the number of new threads you can start in a month. If you don’t follow these rules, you may be banned forever.Some reputed online forums are warrior forum,forum digital point etc.

As you can see, none of these techniques are difficult to manage. You simply need to exercise restraint, show patience and follow the rules of forum posting. Within a short period of time, you will start seeing the results in the form of increased traffic to your website.I have also explained some important points to increase website traffic by using blog comment.You can follow those points to optimize your blog traffic.

How to create a free blog on

Blogging is one of the best tools for online marketing.When you see how to create a free blog, you would think why you didn’t get started earlier. There are many that shy away because they feel that starting a new, free blog is difficult. In actuality, creating a free blog on is very easy and can be completed in 4 to 5 steps. Let me explain these steps and get you ready for your first blog.

Create your Google account

You need to first visit and create your Google account. Fill in the form and your free Google account will be created within a couple of minutes. This account can be used for all Google services, including Gmail.

Create your blogger account

Once your Google account is created,visit and sign in with your Google account user ID and password. You will now be directed to the blogger platform.

Create your blog

To create your blog in the blogger platform, click on the button that says “New Blog”. A new window will pop up and you will need to fill in the title of your blog and choose the URL for your blog. The URL will look like, where subdomain can be as per your choice. Of course, the subdomain you want has to be available. Otherwise you will be prompted to choose another subdomain till you find something that is available. The next and final step is to choose your blog template from the available selections. After this step your blog is ready for you to use.If you want to make website on your own domain then you can buy a hosting service.

You are now ready to start publishing your first blog post.


6 Top reasons to make your own website for successful online business

The success of your online business requires extensive awareness and planning and it all starts when you make your own website. You require a website because of the following reasons.

Professional look

Your website shows how serious you are about your business. When your clients and customers visit your website they are able to see what you mean to offer them. Your website shows off your professional attitude and automatically builds the brand for your business.

One of the primary reasons to have your own website is to build your brand in the eyes of your clients and customers. The kind of exposure you get with your website is simply outstanding. With the popularity of your website more and more people start associating with your business brand. And this can only bring in goodwill for your business.

Global reach

The reason I started my website is because I wanted a channel to represent my ideas and thoughts. But I got more from my website.

As an online marketer I always wanted to expand my reach and hence my website. With my website I can reach people far away in China and Korea, something I couldn’t have done had I decided not to go digital.

Yes, with the increased global reach of my website I’ve had to work hard on the other aspects of my business, logistics for example, but every ounce of effort that I put in has been worth the result. Now I can promote products worldwide and also engage with people using relevant content and reviews. I’ve been able to deliver value to my visitors and this is what makes me most happy about my website.

Money making on a long term basis

The amount of money that a successful website can make for its owner cannot be bettered by anything else.

As an entrepreneur I always wanted to make money and there is no shame in telling you this. You and I are entrepreneurs because we can afford to take risks to make money.

The only difference in my money making way is that I haven’t rushed into this activity. For me money making should be a gradual and long term process. My website offers me the perfect platform to make money continuously and in the long term. I can connect with people through my website to convert them into my loyal followers.

Better opportunities for promotion

You need to make your own website for promoting your business. There are many free domains available but I haven’t ever been tempted to use their services. With free domains you can never be in control of your website and promoting your business will never be as effective. You cannot use search engines and web directories to promote your online business because of the various restrictions in place.

It always pays to design your website because you are in full control. Most importantly you can choose your domain name and this can instantly build your brand for you.

You can also promote your website using SEO or social media or forum marketing and give your online business the kind of exposure it requires. Believe me, once your website starts climbing the SERP list there is not much else you would need to do for promotion.

Easy to build

Building your website is very easy. You don’t need to spend to hire a web design expert.

When I set about designing my own website I only used three resources – my ideas, WordPress and HostGator (affil link). I started off my installing WordPress on my laptop. The installation was done in four-five easy steps. Then I put my ideas on pen and paper and transferred them to my WordPress site. I finished off by getting my website hosted on HostGator. Easy, isn’t it?

Data says it works

There are loads of successful entrepreneurs that run their entire business through their websites. Two examples that immediately come to mind are and Both these entrepreneurs earn in six figures and I consider them as my source of inspiration.

Yes, I had to invest some money in getting started with my website. I also had to spend money to promote it. But once my online business reach expanded I got back all my investment and more.

So, get going and make your own website. Don’t think you cannot design your website because you don’t have the skill-set for this job. With WordPress and a hosting service your website can be up and running in no time. And then you start reaping the benefits.

5 Tips to increase website traffic by blog comment

What is the importance of blog comments to increase website traffic? Immense is an understatement as far as I’m concerned.For any online business website traffic is critical. Without traffic no website can generate any revenue. You may have excellent content but if no one walks into your website what good is the content? There is a sure-shot way of driving traffic to your website and that is through blog comments. I use blog comments and so do the other popular webmasters.

How do I use blog comments for driving traffic to my website? Read on about the five important elements that I firmly believe in.

Timing is important

I have made my list of blogs to comment on and I ensure that my comments are posted the moment any of these blogs is updated. How does this help? This helps because my comment is on top of the pile. Believe me there are hundreds of webmasters that use blog commenting for driving traffic and all of them want to be listed at the top of the comments section.

Blog comments don’t get listed like SERPs – the arrangement is on a first come first serve basis. So when you are always aware of updates and post your comments at the earliest you can expect to be more visible. And the more visible your comments are better is the click through rate to your website link.

 Comments should make sense

What should you write in the comments section? This is something I have mastered over the years and I feel I should share with you.

When you see comments like “nice post” or “thanks for the great post” do you even give them a second thought? No one would.

I ensure I add something to the ongoing conversation and ask questions wherever I have any doubt. There are times when I disagree but being a Dale Carnegie fan I disagree agreeably.

Even though I have a vested interest in blog commenting I always have a purpose in mind and that purpose is not to insanely try to drive traffic to my website. I promote my website but never make it conspicuous.

 Consistent frequency has to be maintained

There is a fine line between writing meaningful comments and spamming. I visit multiple blogs every week and there are some comments that can always be found in the comments section. You will find copy-paste jobs going on here. This is what I call spamming.

To increase website traffic through blog commenting I write relevant comments and don’t overkill this activity. The idea is to comment in many places but not exceed the frequency – once or twice per week in a single website / blog is enough.

And no copy-paste job please. If you were doing that and I came across (and there are thousands of more intelligent people than me) your clichéd comments I wouldn’t visit your website.

 RSS subscribers make a lot of difference

RSS is something one cannot ignore when it comes to blog posting. The most popular blogs in the world also have the most number of RSS subscribers. Subscribers in the range of thousands are not uncommon. Through RSS feeds any blog can push relevant content to its subscribers while they are able to avoid distractions like spam emails and pop-up ads.

When a user receives an RSS notification from a blog they follow the chances are very high that they would visit the blog. When they visit the blog they invariably go through the comments section. And this is where my comments (and yours should you choose to use this method) are visible. The result is a much better click through rate for our comment.

 Choosing the right blogs to comment

Last – before doing any of these above activities I ensure that I comment in those blogs that are updated at least once a week or even daily.As a website owner you and I have a challenge – increase website traffic. I have managed this to quite an extent and now it’s your turn. Just religiously follow these five important elements of blog commenting and you will soon see a trickle of visitors turn into a deluge. I wish you all the luck.

What is affiliate marketing

The word affiliation has several meanings – attachment, amalgamation, bonding, coupling and federation and many more. Affiliate marketing is similar to the meaning of the word – you work as an affiliate of a company and sell their product or service. What you get from this form of marketing is commission – the more you sell the more you earn.

There are many companies that don’t have a large enough sales force to market their products and services. Some companies even have the policy of not hiring an in-house team of salespersons. The philosophy of such companies is simple – they don’t want to get into the hassle of managing employees. What they do is hire a number of sales associates that sell the products or services of the company. In such a scenario there is nothing that the company has to pay in terms of salary and other employee benefits. What it pays is commission and this amount is entirely decided by the sales figures generated by these affiliate salespeople.

In short this is what is affiliate marketing and anyone associated with the sales profession shouldn’t have any issue understanding this concept. In fact someone that is new to sales and marketing can also easily understand what this form of marketing is. For example, if a product costs $100 and the owner of the product offers a 10% commission for each unit of the product sold then for each sale made the affiliate marketer earns $10. The more someone is able to sell the more they end up earning through commission.

Internet marketing is a hugely popular concept and there are thousands of self employed professionals that sell online to make money. However, for a newbie it is not easy to promote their own products and services because no one knows about them. There are online marketers that start off with affiliate marketing. They have the skill to sell and they just wait for the right opportunity to start on their own. Once their network is created in the market they start pushing their own products and services.

The biggest advantage that you get as an affiliate marketer is that you are able to start on a platform that is already built. Selling the products and services of a known company is far easier and through this form of selling you not only gain experience but you also raise capital to start your entrepreneurial journey.

When you read about what is affiliate marketing you will find that it’s a hugely powerful concept. Yes, there is hard work involved in this form of marketing and you need to put together all your skills and expertise. You also need to meet various people and create your own network of clients and customers. And most importantly, you need to have a plan in place.

Many people think that selling is a natural instinct. But most of us are not born sellers. It’s a myth that only extroverts make good salespeople. With the right kind of training and with the right kind of attitude one can become a highly successful seller.

For any customer the most important thought is “what’s in it for me?” The most successful salespeople are able to match product features with benefits perfectly so that the customer feels that have to have the product. This requires skills, perseverance and planning and it’s not impossible for an affiliate marketer to do exceptionally well in the market.

As you become a more successful affiliate marketer the first thing you should have is a website. Through your website you can promote all the products and services you sell. You can have your customer making purchases through call to action buttons. Your product reviews and customer testimonials make other customers come into your website to buy your products and services.

Online marketing has been hugely boosted by social networking and mobile technology. The more you invest in social and mobile marketing the more personalized your products and services become. This offers a tremendous boost to your sales figures and you can emerge as an affiliate marketer of repute.

The power of affiliate marketing is huge. Read more about it and you will keep discovering new things. Success is just around the corner for you to grab it.


How to make money online fast,is it possible

As a fresh online entrepreneur with no prior knowledge, I was quite intrigued with ads that go all over the net. Most of them claim that stay home mums are making a 6 figure income per month. Some adverts are even quite interesting since they carry a catchy irresistible title e.g. “make $100,000 a month”. Since the economy is not always favorable, I decided to carry out my research and see whether I could make a killing on the internet. I goggled for days looking on how to make money fast. Finally, I came to know that there is no get-quick rich scheme but money can be earned on the internet if one is patient.

Becoming established

Although there are a lot of opportunities on the internet for making huge cash, they should be treated like any other business. You must invest your time and sometimes money. Patience is the key. Different ways of making money exist such as blogging for business, writing articles/reports for web owners or even opening an online shop. To become established, you must have a way to advertise your skills. You can join online forums or even signup on websites that bring job seekers and employers together. If you want to earn money as a blogger by running Google advertisements, having your own website is a must.

Attain the required skills with time

You can learn how to make money fast on the internet if you are willing to learn. Although you don’t have to go to school to attain the skills required, you need to do some research before getting started. For instance, if you are a blogger, you will need to study topics with high number of visitors (such as the fashion industry) and how to engage the readers. Also, take a couple of hours looking for websites/ companies that pay people to blog either by accepting guest posts or enrolling you to their advertising programs. Google is one of them and as long as you have a quality blog, you can run their ads and accepts checks from them each month.

There is no shortcut, hardwork pays

Online entrepreneurship is not luck and there is no known fool-proof way to make money without working hard. You need to set goals and stick to them. Remember, this is a serious business that requires a good manager. Always Plan in advance and project new ways that will be profitable in the future. For instance, if you want to make a blog with 250 posts – you can set a deadline to finish them within 3 months by blogging at least thrice per day. Advance your opportunities by trying new ways to make money e.g. buying items from wholesalers and selling them online, doing affiliate marketing or evening writing for paid article directories like HubPages and Squidoo.

Making a six figure income is easy but not simple

Having a warrior mentality is a good step towards making a living from the internet. However, there is no undemanding way on how to make money fast without starting somewhere. Although you will not make a lot as a startup, several months later, you can make a six figure income if you play your games well. Don’t expect a trouble-free path, sometimes you will need to find untapped needs on the internet to advance fast. This is what happened to big players like Google, FaceBook, Twitter and Amazon. With the right approach, you can become the next success story on the internet. Always think outside the box and come with unique products.

Stay away from scams and follow a traceable route

As you can see, making big money on the internet is not hard. Laying a foundation, getting the required skills and being creative are all what you need. You also need to connect with others on the internet by reading forums and their real success stories. However, stay away from scams. The reason why most upcoming online entrepreneurs fall prey to con-artists is because of their greed for money. Avoid systems that guarantee $10,000 per month after paying a few dollars. If you are looking for a good way on how to make money fast, start small by creating a website and installing free blogging software like WordPress. Eventually, you will become a victor rather than a victim.

Why webmaster prefer Google Adsense ads on their blog

With majority of webmasters turning to online entrepreneurs, Google Adsense has become the most lucrative way of making a living on the web. The pay per click program run by Google Inc., allows you as a webmaster to earn money simply by displaying ads related to your blog content. When your visitors click on the ads, Google pays you a commission depending on the revenue they get from their advertisers. Deploying and earning money with this innovative idea from Google is pretty easy and within a month, you can start receiving checks right at your doorstep.

Applying for the program

To become part of the Google’s pay per click program, you need to make an application via their website. However, getting an approval is pretty easy provided you follow their application guidelines. First, it is advisable to have a top level domain since sub domains are saturated with spam websites. Make sure your website have a good ‘home’, ‘about us’, ‘contact us’ and ‘privacy policy’ pages. The later tells your blog readers how you treat their private information. Finally, throw at least 15 unique high quality articles and send your application. Remember to submit accurate information in regards to your name and address.

Displaying ads on your site

The Google Adsense team will review your application and send an email confirming the approval. When approved, you can login on your account to get the advertising code(s) which you will put on your blog. Basically, different sizes of ad blocks exist and it is advisable to pick bigger ones since they attract readers to click easily. Generating an ad is easy as clicking a button that pop-ups a window displaying a code. You will need to input the code back to your blog for ads to start showing on your website.

Getting paid when visitors click the ad

Depending on the traffic of your blog, you will start receiving clicks almost immediately. Just make sure to use the ad blocks maximally. You can even put them on different locations to entice visitors to click. However, label the ads correctly by putting phrases like “Ads by Google” or “Sponsored links” to conform to Google’s terms of use. The good thing is that when your blog reader’s click on the link, your commissions will be automatically added on your account. You will receive a check from Google once you earn at least $100 on your registered address. New Payment methods are continually being added including direct bank deposits and Western Union money transfer.

Great inspiration to earn money on the web

As you can clearly see, Google Adsense is a fast way to make extra bucks on the web. If you have fresh and evergreen content, you are likely to earn more each month. This is a great inspiration to continue blogging and adding more posts to keep your readers engaged. In addition, the idea sounds good because you are paid to blog about what you love most. As a passionate blogger, earning with Google pay per click ads allows you to enhance your online career and probably open more mini-niche websites containing different topics to increase your earnings.

Different options to display ads

Google’s advertising program allows displaying different ads in order for them to blend well with your website’s theme. You can even tweak the corner of ad blocks or probably change the link color to match with your likes and tastes. Different ad types and sizes with high quality graphics and animation also increase the click-through rate. You can manage and create the ad units on your account’s dashboard at any time. The ads can be placed on any of your websites provided it complies with advertising terms and conditions.


Putting up a blog is not a complicated task and unlike a few years ago, it does not require one to learn complicated jargons. You are only required to purchase a domain, hosting space and install a high quality blogging platform like WordPress. When you combine your blogging enthusiasm and Google Adsense, your online journey can be a breeze. In fact, bloggers who receive several hundreds of page visits per day are making a good living out of Google pay per click program. Sounds good? Doesn’t it?, start blogging and earn extra cash with Google today.






How to choose a domain name of your site

Choosing the domain of your website or blog is indeed one of the most important parts in establishing an online business. As a matter of fact this is not a joke but a very serious matter and in that case you must treat it as such-I mean with the seriousness it deserves. Failure to do that is actually may result to problems that may later on prove too difficult to fix. I am going to stipulate several steps below that you will assist you a great deal in the whole process of choosing your domain name.

First and foremost it will be very sensible of you to actually choose a domain consisting of as few words as possible. You need to take this point seriously since as a matter of fact those people who have ignored it before have ended up messing up themselves. You do not have to suffer the same fate since you know of the rightful thing to do. You may be wondering the reason as to why I am advocating for as few words as possible. Of course I have a reason for saying that.

As a matter of fact if you happen to have a lot of words in your domain, there will be a great likelihood of people actually forgetting your site name and that will of course spell doom for you. That should not happen to you considering that you have already received the rightful enlightenment. As you well understand, it is rather simple to follow this first step. You know that much better than anyone else. The idea of people forgetting your site as a matter of fact means one thing for you. They will not be in a position to access your site.

The second step is actually for you to come up with some keywords closely related to the niche in your domain. Is that really difficult to do? It isn’t at all. As you will come to realize with time, no one is actually born a failure. Most of the people become failures simply because of not following simple things.It does not require rocket science for you to get to understand this one simple concept-that keywords are quite central in drawing search engine traffic to your site. As a reality of the matter you know it very well that the business success hinges along the lines of your ability to draw as much traffic as possible to your site.

The third point I need to talk about is actually the very point where very many people have failed. Do not laugh it off since many assume it as something very simple but when you get down to business it gets rather challenging. Get this at the back of your mind and get it very clearly-it is very bad to put hyphens and any number within your domain. You may be wondering why. Well, this is because putting hyphens and any number speak quite negatively about you. It paints a bad image of you since it speaks volumes about your unprofessionalism.

The last point is actually about the names. It is very important for you to have with yourself a reserved name for your site and that really helps in that instance when the name you chose is not available. Remember that people do not fail because of those very big things. The main cause of many failures is the small things that do not seem to matter. They are usually overlooked only to pose later on as the main causes of failure. They are these small matters that you must be very careful with. This point might be looked upon by a lot of people but do not do the same thing. In those instances when you have to search your domain, it is clever for you test on the one that is available.

Absolute truth about online data entry jobs from home

If you may be interested to know how I actually got to know about the online business in early 2010. That is exactly when I started coming across some very attractive headlines like “Make $3000 per month by online data entry jobs from home or email reading jobs or form filling jobs etc.” I want to be very honest with you since as a matter of fact honesty is a virtue worth beholding. I did not trust those headlines at all and in fact I dismissed them as scams. With the financial crisis I was undergoing at the moment someone or any organization with the intention to deprive me what was rightfully mine would be even punishable by death as per my mindset at that very moment. I felt like dismissing the idea right away and going on with businesses that mattered more. At the same time I felt like it would have been foolish of me to dismiss any opportunity without giving it some piece of thought.

I finally resolved to personally carry out some extensive research to assist me establish the truth. I just wanted to be sure that I knew the real truth about such tempting offers rather than just downplaying the whole idea. I spent long hours online and even for some days I skipped lunch all in an effort to be sure about what was going on. I wanted to establish whether they were truly business deals or it was just one of the many tactics scams employ to rob innocent people who are trying to make ends meet. My numerous searches I must confess assisted me a great deal in establishing the truth. I came to realize that these kinds of jobs or money making opportunities were all scam. It was quite a sad reality for me and I remember cursing the whole idea of those people who want to make it by stealing from innocent citizens.

All the same it came to a time when I got to learn that there were actually some money making opportunities online that were genuine. It is actually that enlightenment that has prompted me to write this blog post so that I can share this secret with you. There are numerous freelancing jobs that do exist. I want to outline companies like Odesk and Elance as the best examples. These two companies give you very many opportunities to make money. The best part of the whole deal is that the job gives you a lot of freedoms but remember that self management is something you cannot afford to look down upon. The more time you actually spend working the more your chances of making money and the luckier you get as well.

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